When I think about good skin, I think of the flawless models I see on the magazines. However, I have to know on some level that these images are airbrushed. So, when I think of good skin now. I think of flawed skin. I think of the type of skin that you have on a bad day and on a good one. It’s the type of skin that gets dents and lines in it, and you don’t even have a clue how it happened. Or, it’s just reactive skin and one day you exfoliate too deep, and it’s now problematic.

     I know that good skincare isn’t easy, so I endeavor to find solutions. I go to the doctor if it seems like I have a skin disease instead of just a skin condition. I try to use common sense with it all, but it isn’t always intuitive. There are many good skincare products out there, and your job as a consumer is to go with what you think is good. This will require research, and also, some trial and error. You need to know that your skin has a certain biome and you will react differently to each product than other people. Anti age krem

      Good skincare is out there, and you can find it within your grasp. You might make some mistakes, but that’s what dermatologists and doctors are for. You need to remember that your good skin is there, you just might need a specialized plan. (Krem for tørr hud). You don’t need to be afraid to ask the professionals for what you are doing wrong. There are even people that can help you with what you’re using and allow you to determine if you have any skin reactions to the products that you are using. Good skincare isn’t about good luck but about persistance and patience.