Exfoliating disasters can happen and when they do, they occur with vengeance. You might notice pits in your skin, redness, flaking, and generally, your skin will hurt. If your skin hurts, then guaranteed you will have exfoliated too deep. You may have even given yourself a chemical burn. However, do not dismay. There are steps you can take to rectify the situations.

     One of the best things to do is go to the dermatologist right away. The dermatologist will be able to tell if you have contact dermatitis. This will help the dermatologist to give you the best prescription. You may even have to go on a course of antibiotics to ensure that your skin does not get infected or break out more. This can help you to sleep better knowing you have a course of action in mind.

     Another step to follow is to switch to gentle skincare. You should stop exfoliating with that product. You may have developed an allergy to it, in which case you will have to bin it. After this, just do simple skincare until your skin has calmed down. You might feel that the scars will be permanent, but remember that scars resolve over time. In fact, it takes about a year for scars to resolve, according to a Calgary dermatologist.

      When you have found that your scars have healed as best as they can, maybe waiting at least a whole year, you can go to a skin specialist to see what kind of treatment that you need. There are a lot of solutions out there, so don’t despair if you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate situation of getting a burn or scars from exfoliating products. It happens to the best of us, and you’ll see the results you want if you take the follow up steps and then find treatment for the scars.